TechniTex Faraday Limited

TechniTex Faraday Limited is the Premier Research and Knowledge Transfer Organisation for the UK’s Technical Textiles and Advanced Textile Materials Sector. It is industrially driven, focusing on research, design and development of new technologies and applications for the technical textile industry. Established in 2000, TechniTex is a not-for-profit organisation serving the UK Technical Textile Sector.

TechniTex offers state of the art landscape reports, strategic reviews and consultancy services for a wide range of technical textile requirements and it’s team of Sector Specialists have significant expertise in a wide range of product and process areas including e-textiles, fibre and fabric performance, surface modification, novel processing, material selection, healthcare and PPE.

Technical Textiles

The term ‘technical textiles’ was coined in the 1980s to describe the growing variety of products and manufacturing techniques being developed primarily for their technical properties and performance rather than their appearance or other aesthetic characteristics. It largely superseded an earlier term ‘industrial textiles’ which had become too restrictive in its meaning to describe the full complexity and richness of this fast growing area.

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